Do you need a documented miracle in order to initiate the Cause for Sainthood?

Do I need permission from the Church to ask for Father Flanagan's intercession in my prayers?

Where is the Father Flanagan League Society of Devotion in this process?

Where is the jurisdiction over the process when Father Flanagan was born in Ireland, ordained in Austria, performed the majority of his mission work in the United States and died in Berlin, Germany?

How long does it take to canonize a person who has been declared "Blessed"?

Does the Roman Catholic Church pay the costs of the canonization process?

Why does it cost money to declare a person a saint in the Catholic Church?

How do I start a Prayer Group to help promote the holiness of Father Flanagan?

Prayer and Devotion

Join us in Prayer: There is nothing more powerful to our faith and lives than prayer. It provides us the opportunity to give thanks and share our needs with God. There is also strength in numbers with prayer. Prayer is the foundation of devotion. Father Flanagan was a man in constant prayer and infinite faith with Christ.

The groundswell of devotion toward Father Flanagan is essentially an international family of prayer. The evidence of the groundswell is an attempt by the Father Flanagan league to measure the scope and effects of prayer. Examine the devotional report and gage for yourself the significance of the groundswell and the power of prayer.

To whom do we pray and what do we pray for? Always we pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As with the saints and loved ones who are dear to us, we also ask Father Flanagan to join our prayers and intercede on our behalf before the Lord. Everything you can possibly examine about Father Flanagan demonstrates that even now he is totally absorbed in God’s will and next to Christ. Who better to intercede and petition our needs with the Lord?

We pray for and seek Father Flanagan’s intercessions for everything. Healing, happiness, forgiveness, strength, hope and thanksgiving. There is significant evidence that Father Flanagan is interceding on our behalf and that the Lord is listening.

Start a Prayer Group: The more that pray, the better! It’s easy to start a prayer group and we encourage you to use the materials provided here to get started. The Father Flanagan League holds a prayer meeting the second Tuesday of every month in Father Flanagan’s tomb in the Immaculate Conception Church at Boys Town. You can hold a prayer meeting anywhere. Speak to your pastor about holding a prayer meeting at your church. Keep an intercessional prayer petition book at your gathering place.

Prayer Meeting Outline: The Father Flanagan League has eight years of monthly prayer booklets available for download here. Many are appropriately themed for special times of the year like Christmas, Easter and St. Patrick’s Day. Prayers are said in unison by the group and individuals take turns with the various other readings. The booklets follow this general outline and the meetings typically last approximately 15 minutes:

  • An Opening Prayer (written by Father Flanagan)

  • A Psalm or Gospel

  • An inspirational writing authored by Father Flanagan

  • Signs of Holiness in Father Flanagan

  • Prayer for the canonization of Father Flanagan accompanied by the intercessional prayers of the gathered

  • A Closing Quote from Father Flanagan

Send Us Your Prayers: Download the prayer petition form (PDF) and mail it to us, use our online petition form or email your prayers to the League and we will place them in the prayer petition book beside Father Flanagan’s tomb.

Testimony: Are your prayers being answered? We need your testimony if you have sought Father Flanagan’s intercession and your prayers were answered. The League has testimony from people throughout the world including those who may have experienced or witnessed a miracle through the intercession of Father Flanagan. Download the attached testimony form, email us with your testimony or ask that our solicitor of testimony contact you for an interview.

Your prayers and testimony are vital for this devotional effort. Most importantly, your prayers are vital for you! The intercession of Father Flanagan is here for all of us!

Visit Us On Pilgrimage: The Father Flanagan League leads pilgrimages to the sites at Boys Town where Father Flanagan lived, worked, walked and is buried. The purpose of the pilgrimage is to learn more about Father Flanagan’s sanctity, examine his heroic virtue and to pray. Pilgrimages typically last three hours and are typically held in the morning and concluding in Father Flanagan’s tomb after the daily 11:40 AM mass held at the Immaculate Conception Church, Boys Town, NE.

Call us or email us to schedule a pilgrimage. We can accommodate a group of any size.

The pilgrimage is not a public tour of Boys Town. Tours of Boys Town can be scheduled by contacting the Boys Town Visitors Center.

PDF Downloads:
Prayer Petition Form
Testimony Form

Online Forms:
Prayer Petition Online Form

Monthly Prayer Meeting Booklets

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